Congratulations on your new home!


We here at Nest are really looking forward to working with you. We are a community-oriented, values-based company, and we want you to have a great experience as a Nest resident. This page is designed to help you prepare for the first step, your upcoming move in!




STEP 1: Pay Security Deposit within 24 Hours of signing lease

Login to your tenant portal and pay your Security Deposit in full. Individual tenants can make separate payments towards the deposit. We will use the online ledger when refunding deposits so recommend each person paying the portion they intend on having us hold as a deposit. Depending on your preference, you can also set up recurring rent payments or monthly rent notification reminders.

STEP 2: Set Up Utilities

Once you receive your house guide via the Appfolio portal, be sure to set up required utilities in your name to start on or before the day of your move-in walkthrough. Keep your confirmation numbers on hand for STEP 5. If you are unclear on specific required utilities, those can be found on your tenant portal in your unit guide.

PEPCO: 202-833-7500

WASHINGTON GAS: 703-750-1000

Cable & Internet: You have the option of calling your preferred cable/internet provider to set up service directly with them, if they service your address. Below are some of the options:
VERIZON: 1-800-225-5499
RCN: 1-800-746-4726
COMCAST: 1-800-934-6489

STEP 3: Purchase Renters Insurance

An electronic copy of your Certificate of Insurance with Nest DC named as an 'Additional Insured' is required in order to schedule your move-in walkthrough. You have the option to purchase renter's insurance through the insurance company of your choice or via Roost, a separate company on your Appfolio tenant portal.

Step 4: Reserve Parking

You can reserve street parking for moving trucks through the city for a small fee. To apply for No Parking Signs, visit the TOPS (Transportation Online Permitting System) website to register and apply for a "Parking/Occupancy Permit". It is a multistep process that involves printing the signs at your local Police Department and hanging them in your preferred location 72 hours in advance, so plan to do this ahead of time!

Step 5: Schedule your move in walkthrough.

Click here to schedule your move in walkthrough. Congratulations, you’re on the last step with us! Keep in mind, the security deposit must be paid in full and you will need your utility confirmation numbers as well as an electronic copy of your certificate of renter's insurance handy in order to request your walk through time. If you have multiple housemates, please designate one person in your household to complete this form!




How do I log into my Appfolio portal?

Click here! On the portal, you can pay rent, submit non-emergency maintenance requests, and access a copy of your lease and unit guide at any time.

When and how do I pay my rent?

Payment is due on the 1st of each month and first month's rent is due the day your lease starts. Rent can be paid through Appfolio using your personalized tenant portal where you can set up auto-pay or login in advance of each month to manually pay. You have the option to pay by E-check (no extra charge) or Credit Card (percentage service charge). Auto payments can be updated at any time, but if rent is overpaid, we do have to wait for the payment to clear (1-3 business days) before we can issue a refund check.

Why do I not see my rent payment when I log in?

Rent payments are charged on thr portal 15 days before the due date. You are welcome to make payment at anytime, but if you

Why do I see a larger amount due when I log in?

Don't be alarmed! On your main Appfolio page, you will see the full amount due each month. If you have housemates, you can set up to pay whatever agreed upon portion of rent you would prefer, but you will always see the full outstanding rent amount on your main page. You can also click Payments and view your full ledger to get a detailed breakdown of any charges.

Can I park my car permanently on the street?

If you plan to park your car on the street regularly, make sure to update your address with the DMV and apply for the appropriate zone registration stickers. If you’re moving from a different state, you’ll need to update your license and tags before you can apply for a zone sticker.

I’d like a floorplan, is one available?

We ask all owners if they have floorplans of their units to make them available to us. If they are provided to us, we automatically share those with tenants via the Appfolio portal (Shared Documents). Most DC homes and condos were unfortunately built before floor plans were standard so it's posssible there are none available.

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