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This page is designed to layout the steps to getting your unit ready for rent and to help you prepare for the leasing process! Once steps 1-3 are completed, we can move very quickly on our end as our goal is to find tenants with little to no vacancy.


STAGE 1: Pre-Listing

Estimated Timeline: 1 Day


STEP 1: Pay Marketing Deposit

5 Minutes

STEP 2: Update Homeowner's Insurance

5 Minutes
Contact your insurance agent and have them convert your homeowner's policy to a landlord policy. An electronic copy of your Certificate of Insurance with Nest DC named as an 'Additional Insured' is required to complete the questionnaire.

Now that you have completed your owner questionnaire, you are ready to copy keys and prepare for photos!


STAGE 2: Photos & Listing

Estimated Timeline: 2-3 Days


Step 4: Copy Keys

~1 Day
Before we list the unit, we require two full key sets from you. One set we use for leasing and keep at the office or with our leasing specialist. The other key set we keep onsite in a lockbox for turnover, cleanings, and emergencies. Later on, once we have signed a lease and know for certain how many tenants will be moving in, we handle making key copies and purchasing fobs accordingly. Each tenant is entitled to a full set and we require two full sets remain with Nest in order to guarantee access at any time. You will see any key copy charges as an expense on your first statement.

Step 5: Prepare for Photos

~1-2 Days
Roman, our photographer, will reach out via email to schedule photos and coordinate keys as soon as your questionnaire is complete. Photo shoots take between 30-60 minutes and are scheduled on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Wednesday 9am-4pm (when natural light is at it's best). We can shoot via a lockbox or if you prefer to be home, we can coordinate a time that works best! Please make sure your home is as photo-ready as possible, as our listing is everyone's first impression of your home. Clearing clutter, dusting/sweeping, and removing personal photos are all things to consider when prepping your space.

Within 24 hours of photos being completed, the listing will go live and we will begin scheduling showings! If you are still living in the space and moving out shortly, be ready for showings to take place with notice. If your moveout date is more than 45 days out, we will get all of the prep work completed (photos and listing drafted) and will be ready to list when we hit the 45-day mark!


STAGE 3: Preparing for Tenants

Estimated Timeline: 1-3 weeks


STEP 6: Complete Auto Turn-on Agreements for Utility Companies

15 Minutes
In order to maintain utilities during any vacancy, owners can submit a landlord agreement with utility companies.
Click here to complete PEPCO agreement
Click here to complete Washington Gas agreement

STEP 7: Apply for a Basic Business License

~1 day
Click here for guidelines to complete the BBL application.

STEP 8: Change Mailing Address

5 Minutes
If your rental is your primary mailing address, be sure to change your address before you move to ensure no bills or important documents are missed. You can change your address with USPS online. It is a good idea to leave a handful of pre-paid, pre-addressed envelopes in a drawer in case any important mail does come to your rental. These can be purchased online as well!

STEP 9: Remove Everything Else from Rental

Up to You!
This is crucial to setting tenants up for a great start. Unless an already confirmed furniture piece conveys with the unit, all personal belongings should be out of the unit before you leave. This includes detergents, cleaning supplies, trash bins, coat racks, etc. You can leave behind: manuals, pre-paid self-addressed envelopes, parking passes, and patio furniture if you previously indicated that in the questionnaire. Everything else should be moved with you or moved to storage!

STEP 10: Turnover Work

~2-5 Days
Once your home is vacant, Hanna works closely with our leasing team and will automatically line up an inspection of the space to ensure all cosmetic and pre-flagged issues are addressed in the turnover work. We will send you a comprehensive list with and estimated project quote for this work and can typically turn a space over in 1-3 days, depending on calendar availability! Most turnover needs (painting, cleaning, caulking, resecuring, etc.) can all be handled by our crew and is the best way to set everyone up for success.




How do I log into my Appfolio portal?

Click here! On the portal, you can make a contribution, view monthly statements and tax documents, and access a copy of any inspections at any time.

Will I be able to review applications?

In order to keep up with fair housing requirements, we apply the same standard to all of our applications. We are happy to share tenant details after applicants have been approved, but cannot do so beforehand.

Will I sign the lease and have a chance to review it?

Since we are managing the unit, Nest signs the lease as the landlord. This lease is not editable, but can be viewed here if you are curious. The lease is completely assignable should your management needs ever change in the future!





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