David Lonis

Leasing Specialist
  • Leasing
Email Address: [email protected]

Born and raised in Upstate New York, I fled the country life as soon as I could, and took a big 'ole bite out of the Big Apple.  After a few years of working in the art gallery scene of SoHo (when SoHo still actually had a thriving art culture), I decided to take the leap and try the west coast - and the amazing landscape of San Francisco.  After a few years, I found myself walking my Beagles in a nearby park while the leaves were rushing down the path in the breeze, the romantic smell of active fireplaces burning in the neighborhood, and feeling all cozy in my turtleneck and vintage suede jacket, something just felt all wrong.  Oh, that's right - it was the 4th of July.  So I quickly moved back to my east coast love:  Manhattan, where I worked in home furnishings design and manufacturing for many years.  However, 15 years ago I decided to move on and move down to DC, where I bought my first home in the heart of Bloomingdale - and soon discovered an amazing neighbor:  Nest!  After a couple years in real estate, I knew Nest would be a perfect fit for a Leasing Specialist, where together with my teams, we make some wishes come true just about daily.  There is a personal and dedicated approach thoughtfully crafted for all of our owners and tenants alike - and the philanthropic spirit of Nest is one that we are all so very proud to share.  And when I'm not Nesting around, you'll find me famously (or infamously) entertaining in my own urban garden, dining somewhere in this fabulous foodie town, dashing through a museum, or simply parked on the sofa enjoying some really bad TV.  Love me some "Housewives"... and I won't deny it.