The Nest Team


Lisa WiseLisa Wise - Chief Nester

When I was 8, an argument with my brother over tree house rights resulted in a profitable compromise. A corner of the family storage shed was reserved for my childhood antics. I carpeted, painted and installed drywall in my new little space with all the expertise of a kid - then promptly started my own little neighborhood business solving crimes.

Not much has changed. I've been managing property in my own portfolio and for clients since 1996. My work has always been cause driven, entrepreneurial, and community focused. I served as Executive Director for the Center for a New American Dream, a national environmental non-profit and as Vice President of Genetic Alliance, a national health care advocacy organization in Washington, DC. I also spent five years as national field manager for Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

After all of this, why NEST? This business combines my passion for hands on, highly personalized work with interesting people and spaces. I get to channel my inner entrepreneur but also focus on making a difference in the community. My broad range of experience means I can manage complex problems and projects, highly functional teams, and operate a large, socially responsible business with an eye toward a bottom line results. Nest is the perfect fit.  I hope you will agree - whether you become a staff member, client or tenant!


RhiannaRhianna Campbell - Chief Operating Officer  

After years in the field managing my own portfolio of property management clients, I decided to join forces with Nest almost four years ago.  I can't imagine looking back. Being part of the Nest team, is being part of a family and part of a company that genuinely cares.  It's a dream job!  As an incurable real estate enthusiast and someone who keeps a tool bag in my trunk (just in case) Nest is ideal for me.  I oversee all of our operations, finance and administrative work. That means I work hard to keep our tenants and our clients happy.  I also work as an ambassador for our tenants and clients. As a native Washingtonian, I can appreciate how valuable it is to offer an insider perspective. We want people to have just the right experience and mean it when we say "welcome home."


Dane DensonDane Denson - Senior Maintenance Technician

A true DC native for over 30 year, with 10 years in the construction, renovation and building maintenance field I've done everything from installing toilets to completely demolishing bathrooms and kitchens from the past and bring them back to life. When the opportunity to join Nest came up, I jumped at the chance to work with a past coworker and a company that really cares about their properties and people. I am delighted to be part of the best management team in the city and look forward to making sure our maintenance and improvement division runs seamlessly!


EricaErica Fells - Director of Finance  

I bring finesse to Nest finances and information management. With a BA degree in finance and knack for logic and organization, I love my role. I oversee our property management software, Appfolio (which we fondly call NestFolio). I also works closely with Rhianna Campbell to track and oversee client financials to offer the customer service our clients count on and deserve. Being part of the Nest family is such a privilege. I feel "right at home" with my growing team of colleagues who really care about delivering exceptional service in a field that has long forgotten what it means to really care. I'm definitely at home with Nest. 


MikeMike Finkelstein - Associate Director of Maintenance

I've been serving house made cocktails as a District bartender and restaurant manager for over a decade. Now I'm eager to deliver the perfect house. Restaurant and bar management means keeping things flowing smoothly and managing drama effortlessly. My specialty! These days, I'm putting those skills to work every single day in the real estate world. As a DC native, I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm for the District's ever evolving urban housing scene with anyone looking for their new nest.


LydiaLydia La Motta - Leasing Assistant

Growing up in Arlington and studying Fine Arts at GWU, I've been lucky to have always called the DMV home. Even luckier, when I moved into the city fell in love with the Bloomingdale neighborhood. And let me tell you, I struck gold when I found the ideal job at Nest - only 3 blocks from my house! From re-leasing properties, to showing them and managing our in-office workload, I love working with tenants and owners to ensure they have a stellar rental experience. And coming from the retail world not much can phase me. On top of the ideal commute, I get to cuddle the office pups all day long and lead our efforts in volunteering for and donating to as many nonprofits and organizations that we possibly can.


GraceGrace Langham - Vice President

Seven years ago, when I moved from my hometown of Seattle to Washington, DC - I was happy to discover I had another great city to call home. While Teach for America brought me to the District, the people and places have kept me here! In this historic city, I have found each neighborhood to have its own evolution and story that has brought about its unique character. I love working with the Nest team to give tenants property management service that reflects the unique pulse and energy that is DC!  I think Nest so fully reflects the great things about this city. I feel so lucky every day to get to work with such a stellar nest team on making our community stronger and our client services even better!


CalebChelsey Kelly - Director of Association Management  

Growing up in Northern Maine, (way) closer to Canada than New Hampshire, I dreamed of one day living someplace where it didn't snow 9 months out of the year....and thus departed for the warmth of Boston and subsequently DC- two of the smartest decisions I've ever made. Now in the District for over 10 years, I’ve created my own little nest filled with friends, good food & drinks, laughter and lots and lots of Washington Caps games. As of September, I have lived in each of DC’s quadrants and love each of their quirks + sense of community (listserv lurkers unite!).  I work to ensure that our maintenance team is able to provide proactive & emergency services for our entire portfolio, as well as, managing our growing building management efforts.  Each day that I walk into the Nest office, I know I’m in the right place. Our team is filled with intelligent, humorous folks who want to make sure that each property is cared for like their own.


HannahHanna Miller - Senior Project Manager  

When I first moved to the District in 2013, I stumbled upon the caring and tight knit community of Park View which sparked my enthusiasm for neighborhood involvement. My commitment to community development perfectly complements Nest's passion for giving back and cultivating stronger neighborhoods. My work history in the events industry translated surprising well to the hustle and bustle of the real estate world. My attention to detail, passion for hosting, creative eye and customer service skills help me balance the myriad demands of Nest's maintenance department. By far, one of my favorite aspects of being a part of our field team is getting not only to see but to help preserve all the historic buildings and houses we manage. When I am not out admiring our fabulous vintage and contemporary homes, you'll find me hunting down fabulous vintage treasures.


TylerMark Petruniak - Media Manager

I joined forces with Nest DC in 2011. When I'm not zipping around on my motorcycle taking pictures and videos of properties, I'm fine tuning the Nest website (which I would argue is the best looking property management site, um... ever). When I'm not Nesting, I'm a web and social media consultant and have had documentary films screened at festivals around the world.



TylerTyler Seeger - Senior Client Services Manager

After a few years of bouncing around the globe admiring beautiful cityscapes far and near, DC’s architectural heritage caught my eye and so did Nest DC! Architectural detail, cultural preservation, history and style are all built into the essence of Nest. Fold in politics and the pleasure of helping people live an incredibly great life and both Washington AND Nest DC are a perfect fit for me. Being part of the Nest family is a lot like being one of it's properties; cool, casual, and classy all at once. When you’re looking for that perfect place, I’ll be the guy that offers the “key” to a perfect living experience!


EmilyEmily Servais - Associate Director of Building Management

Having spent the past six years in Savannah Georgia, the native New Yorker in me is happy to be back up North(ish) and making DC my home! Let me tell you, getting to know a whole new city is a lot more fun as a Nester. With the combination of my Historic Preservation degree and experience working as a director’s assistant at a Maritime History Museum, I get to put my know how and customer service background to good use working with the historical buildings we manage. I love being a part of a happy and beautiful community and am looking forward to helping our condo associations create the same.


EmilyNicole Spence, MBA – Staff Accountant

I am thrilled to be a member of such a great company! Nest DC is one of the most unique businesses I’ve ever encountered; where both it’s employees and client’s happinesses and satisfaction are equally important to the organization. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a MBA in Accounting, and 9 years of experience in the accounting field, I am more than pleased to offer my abilities to the team. Presently I oversee Nest DC's finances, as well as offer solutions and strategies that will maintain the company’s core values. Everyday I learn something new at Nest DC and I look forward to continued growth within this wonderful organization. 


PatrickPatrick Sullivan - Director of Field Operations  

With 8 years in the construction and maintenance field I've done everything from install floors to selecting generators for 100 unit buildings and coordinated major building renovations. Most recently, I ran the maintenance division for a real estate management company but for years have admired Nest DC. When the opportunity to join the team came up, I jumped at the chance to work with a company that really cares about their properties and people. I am delighted to be part of the best management team in the city and look forward to making sure our maintenance and improvement division runs seamlessly!


VeronicaVeronica Vivas - Managing Director

It is a pleasure to be a part of the Nest team! Being a member of a caring and conscience company makes all the hard work worthwhile. When I finished a major in Biology, I didn’t imagine I would find my passion in property management. Instead I conducted research in Kenya and served an AmeriCorps assignment in Alexandria, VA. I then spent 2.5 years as a manger at one the nation’s largest retail chains, before I joined the Nest. My past experiences help me in keeping our clients and tenants happy and to ensure their experience with the best property management team in DC runs smoothly. Being a Virginia native, I was no stranger to the District and the amazing properties it has to offer. 


LauraLaura van de Geijn - Consultant  

As the first full time Nest hire, I have been so ecstatic to watch our portfolio grow right along with our systems, fantastic staff and our capacity to make a serious difference in the community. Who knew, on that cold January day, I would wander into my dream job. Complete with office dogs, giggly bosses and lots to do.  I've now got a much better idea of what busy is.... oh the good old days! 

Growing up in Chevy Chase, DC, I know exactly what it's like to call the District home. After attending both high school and college here, I can't imagine having my nest anywhere else. With a background in interior design and geography, Nest is an ideal fit! I have a passion for understanding what ultimately makes spaces and places appealing to people and that's what our company is all about. I love my role as a Consultant, keeping tenants and clients happy. As a founder, I continue to advise on strategy and client relations. 


LauraSteph Witko - Senior Client Services Manager  

Having spent the last seven years hopping around the East Coast coaching and working as head of operations in the college basketball world, I'm happy to have landed a home at Nest. My love of competition makes leasing out properties the perfect fit. Helping tenants find the best home and owners find the perfect tenants is such a win - and nothing makes me happier than a win! When I'm not out helping folks find their dream home, I love exploring the different neighborhoods and eating and drinking my way through this lovely city.